Automatic speech recognition (ASR)

AzReco technology was built on deep learning algorithms and is programmed to convert voice conversations into high-quality text in several languages.

Cutting-edge automated speech recognition system that offers high quality technology solutions to businesses.

More than 10 years of experience in artificial intelligence and machine learning has led to creating technology that makes it easy to convert human voice into text. Technology is open for customization in various business areas.

We support most file formats

AzReco technology can be customized to convert human voice in such fields as media monitoring, business meetings, social media, education, e-commerce, etc.

Customization and Theme Adaptation

We can customize technology algorithms to bring in correspondence with your needs, optimizing for the specific terminology in your field.

Offline installation option

We realize that privacy is a big issue for many businesses. Our system ensures your data is protected and that means we can install our system on devices which will guarantee the utmost privacy protection of your data.

Supported languages


Why AzReco speech recognition

Lowest price

We offer lowest price available

High quality

Over 90% accuracy!


We encrypt all data that goes between you and us

State-of-the-art technology

All of our technologies are based on deep learning algorithms


We provide timestamp information for subtitles

Automatic punctuation

AI based automatic punctuation detects sentences boundaries and uppercase proper nouns