AzReco Speech Sythesis

Text-to-speech or speech synthesis is a system that converts any text into human speech. Unlike many other text-to-speech systems, AzReco does not combine existing sound tracks, it rather generates a sound wave from scratch. The system uses complex deep neural networks, and the network is trained over a large volume of voice data. While learning, the network analyzes the complex structure that underlies real human speech - sequence of tones, wave forms of natural speech, and so on. As a result, more than 10 million parameters are evaluated.

Deeper technology and more natural speech synthesis

The biggest disadvantage of traditional TTS systems is that the synthesized speech has the so-called robotic effect, meaning that the sound is more like a robotic voice than a human one. One cannot listen to this speech for a long time and listening doesn't become an exciting experience anymore. We use artificial neural networks that are designed to address this shortcoming. This way our system makes converted speech sound more human, more realistic. It creates great listening experience.

Adaptation to specified human voice

We can quickly adapt our system to the voice of the person proposed by client and that means that our system can speak your voice.

Offline installation option

We can install the system on devices requested by the customer in cases when there is no internet or when privacy is a big issue.

Supported languages


Examples of speech synthesis

Prezident İlham Əliyev Birləşmiş Ştatların Prezidenti Donald Tramp-a təbrik məktubu ünvanlayıb.

Azərbaycan Respublikası ilə Birləşmiş Ştatları dostluq və əməkdaşlıq münasibətləri birləşdirir.

Görüşdə dünya neft sənayesində baş verən cari dəyişikliklər və rəqəmsal texnologiyaların neft sənayesində rolunun artması məsələləri müzakirə olunub.

Why AzReco TTS?

Lowest price

We offer the most affordable price you can find.

High quality

Human-like synthesis


All data is encrypted.

State-of-the-art technology

All our technologies are based on deep learning algorithms.

Voice selection

Both female and male voices are supported.

Start using our platform Voicen to convert voice to text and text to voice


AzReco API

AzReco offers a REST API for voice and text conversion systems for several languages. Through the API, you can get results in JSON (WAV) format by downloading audio and video (text) files. We also provide code examples in Python, Java, C # at https://github.com/azreco. To use the API, you need a user ID and a token. To get them, please contact info@azreco.az. We can ask you some questions to confirm your request.

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