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Speech recognition

Speech to text

AzReco speech recognition system is based on learning algorithms. Our technology differs differs from other systems with both high quality and less resource use. Artificial intelligence is used almost in all elements of the service and the system improves itself over time.

Speech synthesys

Text to Speech

We use a deep neural network algorithm in the text to speech system. However, we get a voice that is very close to the natural human voice, and even in many cases is indistinguishable. The system generates it from scratch, instead of merging existing pieces of speech. ‍

Our advanced technology solutions for businesses

Combining our experience in the field of artificial intelligence and machine learning with speech technologies, we have implemented the following practical solutions.

Media monitoring

The use of speech recognition technology for monitoring TV and Radio channels, YouTube, can lead to the search for keywords in a plain text file and free people from the extra workload. Since they are engaged in more profitable activities.

Automatic transcription

Automatic transcription of archive files, meetings, interviews, and video content to text is especially important for search engines. By adding subtitles to YouTube videos, you can be ahead of the search and reach out to people with hearing disabilities.


The development of technology makes the use of robots in public service centers a necessity. Of course, without the recognition of speech and the speech synthesys, the robot is just an iron piece.

Automatic text to speech system

Listening of news, books and more Reading sources through the text-to-speech system is a great alternative when we complain about the lack of time. At the same time, people with visual impairments also have access to these resources through TTS


Azreco AI voice biometrics is able to successfully identify persons using their voices. Voice biometrics is a best and cheaper alternative in a business areas where multiple security is needed.

Call centers

The use of speech technologies in place of human operators in call centers can both reduce costs and ensure 7/24 work. Thus, business efficiency and customer satisfaction increase.

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